Duracell® Specialty High-Power Lithium Batteries, 123, 3 V, 4/Pack

Duracell® Specialty High-Power Lithium Batteries, 123, 3 V, 4/Pack

Item # DURDL123AB4PK

  • Designed for use in household items like cameras, electronics, and more.
  • Designed to provide long lasting, reliable power to your specialty devices.
  • Guaranteed for ten years in storage.
  • Guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. Should any device be damaged due to a battery defect, Duracell will repair or replace it at their option.
Manufacturers Item #DL123AB4PK
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Duracell High Power Lithium batteries are designed and developed to offer reliable, long-lasting power for your specialty devices such as digital cameras, flashlights, motion detectors, security sensors, thermostats, and more. They will preserve power and are guaranteed in storage for up to 10 years in storage, so you can be confident these batteries will be ready when you need them.

Battery Type: Lithium; Battery Size: 123; For Use With: Household Items; Cameras; Electronics; Battery Capacity: 1470 mAh.

  • Global Product Type Batteries-Lithium
  • Battery Type Lithium
  • Battery Size 123
  • For Use With Household Items; Cameras; Electronics
  • Battery Capacity 1470 mAh
  • Voltage 3 V
  • Material(s) Lithium Manganese Dioxide
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Total Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Country of Origin JP
  • Carton Pack Quantity 36
  • Pack Quantity 0
  • UPC 041333035741
  • UNSPSC 26111711
1.7 / 5
13 Reviews
10/24/2019 05:40 PM
Short Service Life
Using in my Truglo Laser/light combo gun sight. Two (2) batteries are used in this application. I've gone through two (2) sets of these batteries (now on the third) and have found the working life span to be but a couple of months per set - this while the sight is typically not powered up and in an "off/standby" state. I find this unacceptable, as the general purpose and use of this sight is for an emergency situation.
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09/16/2018 10:16 AM
Shortest lasting battery I have ever used
I bought the Arlo Security System with 3 cameras. Each camera takes 4 batteries. The original batch lasted about 3 weeks and I wasn't upset because I figured that they had been sitting for a while. After replacing them I watched the battery drain very closely and saw them drain completely in 4 weeks with the average use per camera of 4 hours per day. The issue is not just the cost but the time that it takes to get the extension ladder out, climb up to each camera, and having the whole neighborhood watch me change them because it must be done during the daytime. And over the course of 18 months, my neighbors started asking what kind of batteries they were taking to go out so quickly. Some were very puzzled when I told them Duracell. I am now searching for rechargeable batteries to use so I imagine that I'll be going through a few more companies trying to find a battery that won't have me climbing my ladder as often as I wash my truck. I would like to recommend a solution to my friends and neighbors but at this time I can not.
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07/18/2018 03:16 PM
Do not last long in Arlo cameras
I had to replace after 6 weeks. Used in a Baby Arlo camera.
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06/13/2018 09:22 PM
Duracell ultra lithium 123 battery-USED TO BE GOOD
When my security system was installed the batteries lasted quite a while. Over the past 3 years the life of the batteries have declined a lot. I do not remember the original batteries having chinese characters on them. The newer ones do. Does this mean that my securty system is using knock off chinese batteries and I am paying for them. They seem to go bad in a few months. They also said that the batteries do not last as long during the winter months. At this rate I am going to have to give up my security. because I cannot afford batteries.
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06/06/2018 12:58 AM
Last 2 days
Replaced 8 batteries in my alarm system. All failed within 3 days max. mostly 2 days
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01/25/2018 12:49 AM
battery power last a little more than a month only
I bought the Arlo wireless security cameras and had to change the batteries in less than a month and a haft they were suppose to last longer than that but they did not i am not satisfy with this product at all each camera use 4 batteries and i have 4 wireless camera do that math i am gonna try another brand to see if is better than this one
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Me and you
12/09/2017 06:40 PM
my duracell battery in my camera were dead within a day. that's a problem. how to use the camera with those kind of battery? can i recharge them? and how good they are gona work?
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10/28/2017 09:35 PM
Davis Weather Station
My Weather station came with a Duracell Lithium Ultra 3v battery. All I can say about it these cell's sells on adverts and has an Ultra short life. 3 Months after setting up the station I had to replace the ISS battery
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10/24/2017 03:01 PM
Are these batteries rechargeable? If so where do you buy the charger. Just installed my Arlo security cameras and I can see the batteries going down.
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09/26/2017 01:18 PM
Poor battery life
I have 4 CR17345 in my Arlo Camera and they've lasted 5 weeks. I bought this camera to keep my house safe but not sure how I'm going to afford the batteries that need to go in the camera if they're only lasting a month or so.
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