Clorox® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 3.5 oz Tablet, 2/Pack

Clorox® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 3.5 oz Tablet, 2/Pack

Item # CLO30024PK

  • Tablets kill 99.9% of household bacteria and sanitizes, cleans, and deodorizes your toilet bowl; packaging may vary.
  • Make cleaning easy and hassle free with this sanitizing automatic toilet cleaner.
  • The perfect addition to your cleaning supplies, these flushable toilet cleaning tablets continuously clean with bleach and deodorize your bathroom.
  • This toilet bowl drop helps prevent tough stains, including hard water and mineral stains, with the power of Clorox cleaner.
  • Simply drop tablet into tank to flush away grime - bleach in every flush helps extend the time between deep cleans.
  • This toilet cleaner does not harm septic tanks.
  • Ideal for use in restaurants, cafeterias, offices, hotels, daycares and other commercial facilities.
Manufacturers Item #30024

Clorox™ Ultra Clean Toilet Tablets kill 99.9% of bacteria and deodorizes your toilet with the power of Clorox™ bleach. This toilet bowl cleaning tablet, effectively cleans and prevents stains with each flush, eliminating the need to scrub every time. Each tablet delivers a long-lasting bleach clean. Simply drop a tablet into your toilet tank to continuously sanitize, deodorize and clean your toilet every time you flush. The dissolvable cleaning tablets help prevent tough stains and removes hard water, mineral deposits and limescale stains. Ideal for use in restaurants, cafeterias, offices, hotels, daycares and other commercial facilities. Keep your toilet bowl sparkling fresh and ultra clean with no mess and no fuss with the help of Clorox™ Ultra Clean Toilet Tablets.

Application: Bowl Cleaner; Applicable Material: Ceramics; Enamel; Fiberglass; Metal; Plastic; Vinyl; Chemical Compound: 1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin 51.0%; Dirt Types: Grime; Lime; Mineral Scale; Organic Matter; Rust; Soil; Stains.

  • Global Product Type Cleaners & Detergents-Bowl Cleaner
  • Application Bowl Cleaner
  • Applicable Material Ceramics; Enamel; Fiberglass; Metal; Plastic; Vinyl
  • Chemical Compound 1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin 51.0%
  • Dirt Types Grime; Lime; Mineral Scale; Organic Matter; Rust; Soil; Stains
  • Physical Form Solid
  • Packing Type Tablet
  • Capacity (Weight) 3.5 oz
  • Number of Tabs (Single-Use Packs) 2
  • Package Includes Includes six packs of two tablets eachs
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Total Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Country of Origin US
  • Carton Pack Quantity 6
  • Pack Quantity 0
  • UPC 044600300245
  • UNSPSC 47131805
4.4 / 5
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05/20/2022 03:33 PM
The bowl is one
The bowl is one part of the toilet that gets overlooked and I like to make sure everything is clean. These #Clorox tablets definitely get the job done. They repel hard water and mineral stains. Very easy to use. Just flush the toilet and when the water gets low in the bowl drop the tablet in. You will have happy flushing for up to 3 months using both tablets. Mine usually lasts about 2 months. Alot of usage at my house. Lol. 11 out of 10! Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1

04/22/2022 06:20 AM
I like to see the disinfectant
So this was questionable only because I am use to the blue product. I like to see that’s it’s still working. It also doesn’t smell like bleach

03/24/2022 12:06 AM
this one will eat your toilet valve, flapper
I used this product for 1 year and it damaged all of my three toilets' valve, flapper and gaskets. Very nasty even though I replaced all of them myself. It is not worth using this product and they shall not sell it!
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01/14/2022 07:10 PM
As far as people
As far as people saying it has a nauseating smell, I don’t agree with that. It does smell like bleach because it is bleach. It does keep the toilets clean and I have hard water and discoloration. Please note it is activated by the flushing of the toilet. The more flushing, the better. I have two toilets I don't use regularly so I go in there at least once a day to flush those. It beats using CLR in the toilets and it is cheaper. I'm a fan.

10/19/2021 05:55 AM
Doesn't work
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The tablet still there after two weeks...a d does smell of bleach..doesn't keep the toilet clean...but most of all it doesn't smell like bleach...
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08/11/2021 04:54 PM
They do NOT last
They do NOT last 3 months like the box says, I feel like 2 weeks max is much more reasonable. I don't use this often but definitely once a month. Not 100% sure how affective they are as there is no HUGE difference, I'm just doing it to maintain a clean and sanitized toilet. Price is okay.

02/28/2021 11:44 PM
Clorox toilet tablets are
Clorox toilet tablets are excellent and it is a great help to keep the same very good clean.

02/20/2021 03:43 AM
Not a fan of my house smelling like bleach 24/7
I bought these at Sam's. The smell off my master bathroom left my whole bedroom smelling like bleach 24/7. I didn't realize it would give off such a strong odor. Do not recommend.
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02/12/2021 05:12 PM
I started using these
I started using these and so far I enjoy them. I am going to keep using them unless I find out I don’t like them.

02/07/2021 06:15 PM
These do what they
These do what they are supposed to. Super affordable and easy to use. No overpowering scent. Effective. I stock pile these for my house because they work so well. Definitely recommend and will repurchase in the future.