OxiClean™ Max Force Laundry Stain Remover, 12 oz Spray Bottle

OxiClean™ Max Force Laundry Stain Remover, 12 oz Spray Bottle

Item # CDC5703700070EA

  • Four types of stain fighters.
  • Food stain-lifting amylase enzymes.
  • Oil-dissolving solvents.
  • Grease- and dirt-binding surfactants and polymers.
  • Protein stain-targeting protease enzymes.
Manufacturers Item #57037-00070
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Four-in-one stain fighter tackles the toughest spot-cleaning tasks. Amylase enzymes lift food and drink stains. Solvents dissolve oil. Special polymers and surfactants bind grease and soil to the wash water, ensuring a clean rinse. Protease enzymes target protein-based stains, including grass and blood.

Application: Laundry Pretreatment; Applicable Material: Fabric; Dirt Types: Food Stains; Grass Stains; Grease; Oil-Based Soil; Organic Matter; Water-Based Soil; Scent: Neutral.

  • Global Product Type Cleaners & Detergents-Laundry Pretreatment
  • Application Laundry Pretreatment
  • Applicable Material Fabric
  • Dirt Types Food Stains; Grass Stains; Grease; Ink; Oil-Based Soil; Organic Matter; Water-Based Soil
  • Scent Neutral
  • Physical Form Liquid
  • Packing Type Spray Bottle
  • Capacity (Volume) 12 oz
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Total Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Country of Origin US
  • Carton Pack Quantity 12
  • Pack Quantity 0
  • UPC 757037512449
  • UNSPSC 47131811
4.6 / 5
740 Reviews
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06/19/2022 05:05 PM
Created A New Stain…
I had a new pair of brown jeans with a little speck on one of the pant leg cuffs. I tried washing it with regular detergent but the stain didn’t wash off so I figured I’d try the OxiClean Max spray. The instructions say to let the spray sit in the stain from 5-minutes up to a week, deiending on the severity of the stain. Since a normal wash didn’t work, I figured I should let it sit for longer than 5 minutes, so I waited an hour. After washing with the OxiClean Max spray applied, I removed the jeans from the washer to inspect them and lo and behold, a new stain was created where I had sprayed the OxiClean Max. So now I’m left trying to figure out how to remove a chemical stain on a pair of jeans less than a month old, caused by a stain remover spray…
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06/13/2022 01:08 AM
Ruined my shorts! Can’t give ZERO stars.
Left a big stain and didn’t remove the small stain that I was trying to clean. Very disappointed. Never again.
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06/06/2022 03:10 AM
Our go-to for stain pretreatment
I bought this based upon a review I read, and am not disappointed…..with one exception It’s such a waste to have to keep repurchasing the spray whole spray bottle each time we run out! Why can’t we get the economy-sized refill bottle of this stuph?
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05/25/2022 04:56 PM
Did not work
I bought this as my son plays sports and thought it would be great to get the dirt stains out. Was I wrong! Followed all directions and the stains are still there. I’ve had better luck with plain old dawn dish soap.
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Nancy B
05/24/2022 02:30 AM
Too smelly
I really like how well this product removes stains. However, the added fragrance is incredibly strong. Strong enough that even when I washed the load a second time I not only continued to smell the fragrance but could taste it! Wish you made this in a fragrance free option Oxi Clean.
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04/09/2022 04:30 AM
Exceptional !!
I went to the store to buy a stain remover and decided to look at other ones because the one I had just wasn’t really doing it’s job . I wear White V Neck T-shirts and half the time I usually end up throwing them away and buying new ones because the stains just don’t come out completely. I wish I would have taken a picture or video before I washed them. My shirts had chocolate stains, sauce stains, grease stains. I said “Let’s see if this remover really works”. I was completely amazed! When I pulled my shirts out I was flabbergasted. I have never seen a stain remover this powerful . Not only were the stains gone but my shirts are completely white without bleach. I would love to buy a big bottle but unsure if you make bigger bottles. I would give it 10 Stars if I could but it definitely gets 5 HUGE stars! Thank you for such a phenomenal product !
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03/05/2022 04:19 PM
Please make a refill version
5 stars for a larger quantity that I can purchase to refill my spray bottle!
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12/11/2021 02:00 PM
grease spots
For some reason most of my t-shirts have a spot directly under my mouth.Tried this on stains at least 5 years old and gone!Deodorant stains on old concert shirts......GONE!!
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11/09/2021 10:48 PM
Love this product
Wish you would sell refill of this product in a 1/2 gallon size! There’s nothing wrong with the spray bottle(s). Just need the product itself.
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09/20/2021 04:13 PM
I used it on my 100% cotton Tshirt for over 24 that had a dried in stains and it bleached it out which. What are the ingredients because that is only something bleach would do and it says there is no bleach in it.
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