Clorox® Urine Remover for Stains and Odors, 32 oz Pull top Bottle, 6/Carton

Clorox® Urine Remover for Stains and Odors, 32 oz Pull top Bottle, 6/Carton

Item # 04-CLO31415

  • Breaks down urine to eliminate odor, not mask it, while the powerful hydrogen peroxide cleaner removes stains.
  • Specially formulated facility cleaner for protein based stains removes the lingering smell and evidence of urine.
  • This powerful stain remover is safe to use on fibers and soft surfaces such as carpet, upholstery, mattresses and bed linens.
  • The hydrogen peroxide formula works great on hard, non-porous surfaces such as concrete, sidewalks, outdoor tile and grouting spots.
  • This urine remover eliminates the smell and appearance of urine caused by humans or pets in public restrooms, offices, vets, and other commercial facilities.
  • Smart Tube® Technology guarantees you will spray every drop.
  • Ideal for use in hotels, long-term care facilities, locker rooms, schools and high-traffic restrooms.
Manufacturers Item #31415
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Clorox® Urine Remover for Stains and Odors tackles the toughest urine stains and odors. With the cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide, it quickly breaks down urine to eliminate odors and remove stains. This versatile cleaner is safe to use on most hard and soft surfaces. It is specially formulated for tough-to-clean porous surfaces, like grout, notorious for trapping urine odors. It also handles stains and odors on soft, absorbent surfaces like carpet and mattresses. This urine remover is also great for outdoor concrete, walls and flooring, laundry pre-treatment, pet stains, and bodily fluids removal including feces, blood, and vomit. Ideal for offices, day care centers, schools, hotels, restaurants and other commercial facilities.

Value Pack—Stock up and save! Application: Disinfectant/Cleaner; Applicable Material: Carpet; Ceramics; Cement; Fabric; Fiberglass; Glass; Grout; Laminates; Metal; Plaster; Plastic; Vinyl; Chemical Compound: Hydrogen Peroxide; Dirt Types: Bacteria; Body F

  • Global Product Type Cleaners & Detergents-Disinfectant/Cleaner
  • Application Disinfectant/Cleaner
  • Applicable Material Carpet; Ceramics; Cement; Fabric; Fiberglass; Glass; Grout; Laminates; Metal; Plaster; Plastic; Vinyl
  • Chemical Compound Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Dirt Types Bacteria; Body Fluids; Germs; Organic Matter; Pet Stains; Water-Based Soil
  • Scent Clean Floral
  • Physical Form Liquid
  • Packing Type Bottle
  • Capacity (Volume) 32 oz
  • Pre-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Total Recycled Content Percent 0%
  • Special Features Value Pack-Stock up and save!
  • Country of Origin US
  • Carton Pack Quantity 6
  • Pack Quantity 0
  • UPC 044600314150
  • UNSPSC 47131805
4.8 / 5
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06/14/2022 08:49 PM
Great for pet accidents!!
I have a cat who will pee on bedding or furniture if something is wrong with the litter box. We recently tried to switch to the litter robot and it was a disaster! He Peed all over our couch and more. This urine remover was a lifesaver. It got both the stains and the smell out. You just have to follow the directions exactly!

05/02/2022 10:25 AM
Urine be Gone
This product worke great and has a great smell. While depending on how much you use it can be strong so be careful. I would recommend it for keeping your toilet clean

Joshs mom
04/21/2022 08:30 PM
Best cleaner around.
I buy this by the gallon, although I had a gallon recently leak from the bottom seam. The bottom of the cabinet needs replacement. It ate right thru..
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01/14/2022 01:07 AM
I think this works
I think this works just as good if not better than natures miracle. I use it on my carpets as well as on my hardwood floors and it really helps remove the stain and odor

01/01/2022 03:59 AM
This product definitely helps
This product definitely helps get the urine smell out of carpets and rugs. My older cat kept urinating on our rug and this was perfect for cleaning up after her. I highly recommend it.

11/08/2021 06:46 PM
This is a really
This is a really good product. I have several boys in my house and no matter how often I clean their bathroom it’s very hard to keep the urine smell out. You can spray this on the toilet as well as your flooring to eliminate the urine odor. It completely removes any lingering scent in the room. I definitely recommend this product.

10/27/2021 08:31 PM
This stuff is great.
This stuff is great. If you have men or boys in your home you need this. When they seem to have terrible aim (which is ALWAYS) i use this to clean up. Or if you have a puppy or older dog that has bladder issues this will be your best friend. Easy to use and affordable.

03/23/2021 07:52 PM
This will be your new bestfriend.
Dear Clorox, this product is legit. I have tried to convince my friends and family...well really any household with males about this product, and not one person has heard of it. I really wish it wasn't so hard to find, I live in Columbus, Ohio and have a hard time finding it. In addition to, I have looked in hardware and grocery stores in Canal Winchester, Lancaster, and Athens with issues. I'm currently on the hunt to find a couple of bottles to send to my sister who lives in the Athens area with a household of 4 males.
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03/14/2021 07:11 PM
This is great to
This is great to clean the mess my new puppy makes since she is just being potty trained right now. It takes away the urine smell and allows for the house to stay free of pee smell all over. I do recommend for new dog owners for sure.

02/28/2021 01:28 PM
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have used this product for several months and my bathroom has stopped smelling like a bad gas ststion bathroom. It smell clean and looks clean.
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