The Unprecedented Growth of Ecommerce

24 February 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen changes to the world. While the pandemic dealt a blow to many sectors, the e-commerce field enjoyed unprecedented growth. In particular, the janitorial sector has witnessed an upgrade of its service delivery. This was important because the cleaning sector is critical in fighting the pandemic and raising the standards of hygiene. Here are some of the major ways the pandemic has affected the growth of e-commerce in the janitorial industry:

  1. Unprecedented Growth of Janitorial Services

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggested that more frequent cleaning was one of the most effective prevention measures of COVID-19. Suddenly, everyone's focus turned to higher and higher cleanliness levels, propelling the sector to sudden, unprecedented digital growth. 

    Merchants and businesses had to go online to reach their customers as the world was on lockdown and curfew. Boom! Janitorial services had suddenly gone almost all e-commerce as many parts of the world went on to minimize travel and contact.
  2. Focusing on High Touch Areas

    COVID-19 curbing measures limited people's movements and minimized contact in many parts of the world. Therefore, the janitorial industry had to adapt focus on high-touch areas quickly.

    These are areas where people regularly come into contact but were assumed to be clean. Switches, elevator buttons, phones, handles, and keyboards, were before taken as needing no cleaning. COVID-19 taught people that these areas required even more cleaning than others as they were high-touch areas.
  3. Approved Disinfectants (EPA)

    The EPA had always based its recommendations on the disinfectant's effectiveness against disease agents like MRSA. They have added the ability to fight COVID-19 to the list.

    Their recommended list of disinfectants will have those that deter Coronavirus and other infectious diseases. Using these EPA-approved disinfectants has been added to the list of COVID-19 upgrades. And many users are now looking for EPA-approved online.
  4. Electrostatic Spraying

    A very popular janitorial practice emerging from the pandemic is electrostatic spraying. The sprayers attach a positive charge, which will disinfect positive particles that will stick while the negative ones are left on the surface. 

    The method will spray larger areas in a shorter period and is more effective. Thus, this method is not likely to go anywhere even after the pandemic.
  5. Additional Ventilation

    It is recommended that custodial cleaners enhance ventilation in the rooms they are cleaning. Ventilating will allow airborne droplets with germs or viruses like Coronavirus a chance to leave the room.

    Janitors have to raise the standard in cleaning and especially ventilate the rooms they are cleaning. Otherwise, the cleaning chemicals can also cling to them and harm their health. For cleaners, improved ventilation means improved health.

Way Forward

While COVID-19 has had a big toll on different industries, the janitorial industry has registered a remarkable growth. The e-commerce platforms have helped to fuel the expansion of this industry. Janitors have new ways to keep themselves and everyone around them safe from COVID-19 and other diseases. The services in this sector help to upgrade hygiene and cleanliness standards.