The Importance of Cleaning Professionals

03 January 2022

In many industries, hiring a professional cleaning service is viewed as a luxury expense—especially in the retail and foodservice industries, where employees are often tasked with cleaning duties in addition to their primary responsibilities. However, today’s world demands cleaning for more than aesthetics; health and safety are top priorities in the minds of business owners and consumers alike. Cleaning companies are—and ought to be more aggressively advertising themselves as—vital money-saving operations in support of a wide range of industries.

Dedicated janitorial staff are more knowledgeable about different environmental contaminants (including microorganisms and irritants) and properly removing/abating them than employees focused primarily on other jobs. They will more readily understand the potential for harm posed by improper use/application of cleaning solvents, and they are usually more equipped to clean messes that may harbor bloodborne pathogens. Dedicated cleaning staff also have the time to follow proper cleaning and sanitizing/disinfecting procedures—something that employees who clean as side work may lack. The collective upshot here is that professional janitors will keep your customers and employees in better health overall, which can often mean the difference between operating at a sustainable capacity or not.

Professional janitors can also help businesses cut costs by furnishing their own supplies and equipment, which saves business owners from overinvesting precious revenue on that front. This is especially true of the sorts of specialty equipment currently in high demand; disinfectant sprayers, for example, are relatively expensive and require training to be used and maintained properly. Professional cleaners offer businesses access to that kind of equipment and the know-how to apply it correctly and safely.

It’s important to understand that the prevailing views on janitorial work have shifted from cleaning for appearance to cleaning for health. Businesses operating under stricter health and safety guidelines—which currently describes a not-insignificant number worldwide—should probably bring in professionals at least part-time. And those professionals can trust ABC Paper & Chemical Company for all of their supply needs.