How Proper Cleaning Can Save Revenue

09 February 2021

Much of the buzz in and around the cleaning industry over the last year has been about the renewed focus on “cleaning for health” and the role that janitors play in healthy communities. That message is an important one, certainly, but it has caused one of the other major advantages of proper (usually professional) cleaning to be pushed to the backburner: a strong janitorial team can help businesses save money. In simple terms, good cleaning can equal more revenue. There are a myriad of ways in which this proves true, but the two most critical are increased productivity and reduced investment in facilities and equipment maintenance.

Clean Facilities Boost Productivity

First, a disclaimer is necessary. We suggested in the last paragraph that the “cleaning for health” messaging that’s been prominent recently has, to some degree, overshadowed the idea of “cleaning for revenue.” The truth is that, in some ways, the two are one in the same. People are more productive when they’re healthy, so investing in a properly cleaned facility is really an investment in your workforce and your bottom line. This is especially true for employers who offer paid sick leave because they’re essentially paying contagious individuals to keep their germs out of the office and far away from healthy team members. A professional cleaner is likely to be cheaper and better overall for your revenue. A clean workplace also promotes better morale, which can help to further boost productivity—it’s a positive feedback cycle that takes relatively little to jumpstart.

Major Savings on Maintenance

Repairing and replacing damaged or prematurely worn equipment, fixtures, and furnishings can be a sizeable expense for any business, especially those in industrial or tech-heavy market segments. Dirt, fine metallic particulates shed by operating machines (even “light duty” examples like copy machines and printers), electrically charged contaminates like toner—these all wreak havoc on electronics and complex machines, shortening preventative maintenance cycles and shaving months or years off the life expectancy of equipment. Even flooring, particularly commercial carpeting, can be granted a significantly longer life with nothing more than appropriate care. All of the unnecessary repair/replacement bills your business is probably paying can be avoided with proper, professional cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Proper on-site cleaning and sanitation may seem like a luxury expenditure to business owners, especially considering the current economic climate. But it’s a case of making a relatively small investment upfront to stave off larger revenue headaches later. Keeping your workforce, your facilities, and your vital equipment functioning optimally saves money and increases productivity—an ideal position for businesses in every market segment to occupy.

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